Saturday, September 23, 2006

Recordings of the last two shows

Cavis has uploaded recordings of both evenings to

2006-09-14: Leitmotif
2006-09-15: El Cielo


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Exclamation marks

For El Cielo:

Friday, Sept. 15th, 2006
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA

Portugal. The Man. will be supporting both nights

Thanks to theo-morphic. So that's the 14th for Leitmotif and the 15th for El Cielo. You have my permission to listen to Catch Without Arms in the comfort of your own home on the 16th.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

-A second announcement will be made that looks a lot like the first.
-Replace Leitmotif with El Cielo.
-Change the date but not the venue.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday, September the 14th at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz
Performing Leitmotif in its entirety- as well as selections from Catch Without Arms
Ages 16+
$16 in advance/ $20 at the door
Doors open 7:30PM/ Show starts 8:30PM

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Special Shows Sometime September

As spotted on dredg's Myspace by EvasiveTear:
we have some exciting news! I can't give you all of the details now, but I can give you a few good clues.

1.we will be playing in the northern california/santa cruz-ish area.
2. this will be taking place near or on the 3rd weekend in
september(there are 5 weekends in the month).
3. this will be a toatlly unique experience.
4. leitmotif or el cielo will be played in its entirety.
5. you will hear selections from catch without arms.
6. something like this will not happen again in the foreseeable future.
7. its going to be special.

An official announcement will be made in the next 24-48 hours, so keep checking back for updates.

Consider this my 'OMG I wish I could go' post for the board thread. You can also vote on which you'd rather see in this thread.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Board move and miscellaneous bits

The board has moved! It's now at

There's a new cover contest! The thread about it is here, but the short summary is: get your dredg cover in by August 31st, voting will be in the 10 days after that

Current band news: Live album is being mixed for a late-August-to-early-September release, and new material is being written for an album coming out mid-to-late next year. Read more in TheRuleOfThree's post, including details of which other band's new album contains lyrics by Drew and Gavin

Friday, June 16, 2006

Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

On the 18th of June:
gavin will be singing with dan the automator at the paramount theater in oakland this sunday...they will be opening the show for jamie cullum....................... they will be performing songs from the lovage and handsome boy modeling school records.......come enjoy.

The band as a whole will also be playing a set at a charity show for Day One Symphony (recently involved in a car crash that injured all 4 members)on July the 7th at Slims in San Francisco.
some cover songs......a dredg song..streets to nowhere will be headlining the show...other acts include audrye sessions and 7th standard.

All very slightly paraphrased from posts on, there is already a thread on the boards discussing both events

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Live CD by July?

Apparently apparently, according to evasivetear..
apparently they're mixing the filmore recording in the studio nowish and they're hoping to get it released by July.

This is referring to the May 11th show at the Fillmore, San Francisco. There is a thread about that particular show here, including photos and a setlist and such.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Help The Site - 2006

Well, it's that time of year again, where I sit in front of a computer, bogged down by work, house repairs, a now 1 year old, a pregnant wife, and bills up to my eye balls! Yes, that's right, it's beggin time!

I'm back again this may-june to ask for donations for the site and dredg concerts....last year was amazing, and I really don't anticipate the same outpouring, but I decided last May that this would be a yearly thing...even if someone only donates a dollar, that will help out.
I've been trying to come up with a better system for the concert chronology and have talked to Josh and Brock about it, but that was a while I'm still trying to figure it out...but other then that, all news is still posted in the news section, it's just a slow moving time right now....hopefully this summer (when this tired teacher is off work)....things will get worked out.

Thanks again to all those who donated to the site in the past....if anyone else is interested...go to and send your donation to

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Live album + remixes

In the spirit of professionalism, I wated until ThePRP reported it, then went to the forum to see what people were saying and found out that noclevername had it way before. So in his words:

There's a live dredg album coming out after the headlining tour with Ours. The last show of that tour will be recorded. I think Drew said Stone By Stone will be on it in some form, but then came a shocker. Serj Tankian of System of a Down is working on a remix of Ode to The Sun, while Dan the Automator (Gorillaz, Lovage) is remixing SangReal. A DVD with the making of CWOA will probably also be with it.

Super! To get yourself all excited about the release, you could check out some of the live recordings on's live music section.

Edit on 7th April: The live recording is confirmed on
...Our show on May 11th at The Fillmore will be recorded for a live cd we plan to put out in the very near future. Tickets for the show go on-sale Sunday, April 9th.

Thanks for Kata Rokar

Friday, March 24, 2006


The main site is now back up, now hosted at, like the messageboard has been for a while now.

News-wise, not a lot has happened in the downtime. dredg are on the Taste of Chaos tour (25 minutes after doors open, so be there early!), after which there's a headlining tour. Also Drew answered a few more questions, including confirmation that after the headline tour they will start on the new album. Or in his words,
yes...we will start on the next record.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Drew Answers

Drew has answered another round of questions in the Ask Drew subforum. These include mentions of a DVD (featuring live footage) in the works, the Leitmotif film and a report on the emu (the news archive on the main site will shed a thin sliver of light on the question).

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


SLOW! Penguins Crossing - courtesy of

It's that time between albums and between tours where nothing particuarly newsworthy is going on. So what can you do to assuage your dredg cravings? You could Pre-order Waterborne from Amazon and wait for it to be released on the 21st, after previewing the whole thing (free low quality, pay for high quality) on Google Video. If film soundtracks aren't a high enough dose, you can check out when and where they will be playing as part of the Taste of Chaos tour. Otherwise, I'm stuck for ideas. Perhaps you could try playing Leitmotif backwards to find the subliminal messages?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

When i grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar.

As posted on the front page of, there is a "2 day photo journal of dredg by hilary hulteen", here:

Messageboard thread about them here.

Drew has been answering questions in the Ask Drew forums, click through to read about how the SACD of El Cielo came about, and whether or not we'll hear Kayasuma live again.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Watch Waterborne

You can now watch the whole of Waterborne (AKA 'that film that dredg did the score for'), on Google Video by following this link. The film is scheduled for release on DVD in February, for some more details on that visit the official site.

The wee bit of news attached to it says:
Independent feature film that follows the aftermath of a fictional bio-terrorist attack on the water supply of Los Angeles. Starring Jon Gries ("Uncle Rico" of Napoleon Dynamite), Ajay Naidu ("Office Space"), Chris Masterson ("Malcolm in the Middle"), and international superstar and Indian Member of Parliament Shabana Azmi. Original score by DREDG, additional music by NAVDEEP.

I could lie and pretend I got the link from the film's myspace page, but the real sources are turnacar and kata rokkar on the boards. There's a thread about the release here.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


As pointed out by daniniv on the boards, there are three new videos up on the official site entitled Memoirs. No clues as to what they are - watch and see.

Tenuously linked, two live shows from the 25th and 26th of November have been uploaded to the dredg section of Thanks to the taper!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Win a painting

"there will be a raffle for a painting at the fillmore"

Also, the Newport gig was cancelled last night due to Dino having food poisoning. Get well soon! That said without any selfish desire to see the band play tonight at the Mean Fiddler, who hopefully run the show better than they did Opeth last week.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stone by Purevolume

Hah, did you see that? I made you think this news was taken straight from ThePRP, when its actually stolen from the email newsetter!

Anyway, a B-Side called Stone by Stone that many of you may be familiar with from its place on a Visions Magazine cover cd has been posted online at dredg's Purevolume page. It's good, and might cut down on the perfunctory messageboard posts followed by requests for the MP3!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Vote in the Cover Contest

Tool712 has Uploaded the songs and created the poll, so now it's your turn to listen to the songs and vote for your favourite. The following is a list of the entries, head over to the post to get the links.
  • It Is Not That Simple - OoGeOrGeoO
  • Giving All - Knifeboy
  • Orph - tool712
  • Movement I: @45ºN 180ºW. - WithoutMyJade
  • Sang Real - Volvox
  • Sanzen - skyswimmer
  • Scissor Lock - danceinstatic
  • The Canyon Behind Her - herCanyon
  • The Papal Insignia - One Second Clubber

Voting closes on December the 16th

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ask the Band

A new section has opened up on the boards, allowing you to ask dredg your questions, and more importantly, receive answers from the band. Here's a condensed version of RuleOfThree's description of the whole thing:

This is a good chance for us to basically eliminate the middle man and let you ask direct questions to the band, through Drew....

Drew's screename on here is "trog frog," as I'm sure many of you figured out through the treasure hunt. He (and only he) will be the representative for the band on here. Feel free to ask anything you want, but try and be appropriate..... Understand that the band tours basically constantly, and sometimes you won't get your question answered immediately (or at all, for that matter). Sometimes the answer to your question may be answered by another member if its something we already know....

This is all an attempt by us (the people that run the site) to bring the band closer to you and to basically enhance the experience of being a dredg fan. Let us know if you have any issues... otherwise, you can address all questions to Drew.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Get your 'Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre' Promotional DVDs


Stop by any of these stores and purchase the Dredg CD, Catch Without Arms, and you will receive a limited DREDG "Live from The Henry Fonda Theater" DVD!

Here is a list of stores participating in the promotion
, and some people seem to have been picking them up without the album at amazingly low prices in Best Buy. The contents, as posted by Gnomad:

- Interview Snippet
Ode to the Sun Live
- Interview Snippet
Catch Without Arms Live
- Interview Snippet
CatchWithout Arms Ad
- Interview Snippet
Sang Real Live
- Interview Snippet
The Tanbark is Hot Lava Live
- Interview Snippet
Catch Without Arms Ad
- Interview Snippet
Bug Eyes Live
- Interview Snippet
Bug Eyes Video
- Credits

This post is around half a month late, so cross your fingers about it being in stock - sorry.

There's a messageboard thread about it here

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

dredg and the Live Music Archive

Hi [gingerninja], we just got the OK from dredg, I expect you'll see shows at within the next couple weeks. :)

dredg have agreed to allow recordings of Live shows to be posted to The Live Music Archive at Their very own section is here. If you're wondering what this means for you, either visit the site or read the blurb below:
Welcome to the Live Music Archive. is a community committed to providing the highest quality live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format. The Internet Archive has teamed up with to preserve and archive as many live concerts as possible for current and future generations to enjoy. All music in this Collection is from trade-friendly artists and is strictly noncommercial, both for access here and for any further distribution. Artists' commercial releases are off-limits. This collection is maintained by the community.

dredg's policy on taping and uploading is clarified on the Band Details page, special thanks to Wayne and the band for finally getting them listed on the site, for offering the service and finally any tapers who upload/allow their recordings to be uploaded!

While you're there, you could check out the Clann Zu, Mogwai or any of the other 1247 artists sections that are already up. There's also an entire section devoted to Open Source music - I'm a big fan of s.t.'s Emotions in a Box EP, freely available to stream or download. Long live!

There's already a messageboard thread here

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Win stuff!

You, yes you* can win an iBook, an MBox and an autographed copy of "Catch Without Arms" by visiting this site!, watching the Bug Eyes video and taking a quiz. It's only fair to clarify that this is actually an official competition and isn't actually run by

*assuming you are a US resident

Messageboard thread here

Monday, October 10, 2005

Treasure, found

The treasure hunt is over, the treasure found! To read up on the whole story and find out what was where, head on over to this messageboard thread. Congratulations to the winners, everyone who participated and helped solve the clues, and finally to dredg for setting this whole thing up!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Is art dead?

The artwork for each track on Catch Without Arms is up at The wee note at the bottom points out that you can email the band if you're interested in buying one of the originals. Here's a quick bit about them from the AP article:

...Dredg members Gavin Hayes and Drew Roulette pick up their pencils, paint brushes and canvases, and get inspired by listening to their latest recordings. "We're all involved in the art direction," Hayes says. "Drew and I did a painting for every song on the new record, so there's a series of 12 paintings that have representations of the audio...."I think a lot of it comes from the subconscious," Hayes notes. "We knew the song; we knew the lyrics; and we pull imagery from the lyrics."

Unfortunately, space limitations prevented all 12 of the mixed-media paintings fitting into the album's final packaging. But Hayes says certain aspects of the paintings were extracted and laid into the artwork for Catch. "The packaging just looked a lot cleaner when it was taken apart like that," says Hayes. "So we figured we'd leave the real art for the website." But the paintings won't be limited to the online gallery. The band plan to make prints of their paintings available to the public after the album's release. "All of the paintings create one big painting, as well," says Hayes. "So, it's something for people who enjoy collecting prints."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Free show in Wisconsin

As seen on MySpace and stefdep's post:

September, 24 2005 at The Annex
1206 Regent St, Madison, WI 53701
Cost: Free

21+ unless accompanied by your legal gaurdain. Free Tickets available at the door or win them on WMAD 96.3.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Dredg on TV

Dredg on Jimmy Kimmel The band will be performing on the Jimmy Kimmel show (this) Thursday, September 8th. Check your local listings for times.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Extras! Extras!

After the post the other day about Stone by Stone, I thought I'd do a list of all the officially released extras associated with Catch Without Arms. Collect them all and impress friends and relatives!
  • Acoustic versions of Bug Eyes, Catch Without Arms and Sang Real were recorded for the Sony Connect store "Connect Sets" series

  • Another Acoustic version of Bug Eyes (Hyde Street Acoustic Version) and Uplifting News were released on some European releases of CWOA, and are available in certain national iTunes stores

  • Stone by Stone was released in this month's Visions magazine in Germany

  • Stationary Transient was the B-side on the Bug Eyes promotional vinyl single that was being sold on the tour

  • Not technically related to CWOA, but some samples of tracks from the soundtrack to Waterborne are/were on dredg's Myspace page. They were called Ambulance and Overheadnite

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stone by Stone

If you happen to be in Germany you may want to pick up the latest Visions magazine - on their 15th Anniversary Issue there's a CD of 12 previously unreleased tracks - one of which is Stone by Stone (by dredg, obviously). Lucky people!

Thanks to Bollyhead for bringing this to everyone's attention

Monday, August 22, 2005

London Show, September 21st

Bias is a terrible thing. Someone posting news about a specific show just because they're is going while ignoring the rest of an intercontinental tour would be nothing less than scandalous.

It would appear that the dredg show in London is supporting Thrice at the Mean Fiddler. My news source (The official sounding way of citing a post by iDare on the Thrice Message Board) says that, according to the bloke at SeeTickets, this means the tickets from the cancelled show are not valid. You may want to go and book some new ones.

Also, they're touring in, like, Spain and the US and stuff. Woah.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What are some of your influences?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Zug zug

A general update, because I've been slacking lately, and for that I apologise.

dredg are the current band on Fuse Daily Download, with one track being released every Thursday (tomorrow being the second) for 4 weeks.

My excuse for not posting tour information is that it seems a bit redundant to repost what the band do themselves on Myspace and However, they are finishing off their current run before coming back to Europe in late September, with stops in such exotic places as Milan, Barcelona, and London (not a complete list). THEN they head back to the US to tour with Coheed and Cambria, Blood Brothers and mewithoutyou (a tour that will see some new merchandise). Thats an impressive schedule, and if you're feeling charitable you could take the guys some stuff to keep them amused during all the travelling.

While I'm here, I will also point out that the second clue for the Treasure Hunt is out.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


'The Papal Insignia' has proposed a cover competition! Read more about it here. If you or your band have covered or are interested in covering a dredg song, get it recorded, put it online and have it pitted against the other submissions.
You have until October 1 to post your entries. So approximately 2 months.

October 2 to October 6 is the the time for everyone who wants to to Nominate 10 covers for the Final 10 voting. 10 covers with the most nominations will be in the voting...

Final details are still being hammered out, but don't let that stop you recording. Check the thread out for more details, or go straight to the Song Submission thread.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Longing for what hasn’t been obtained

The first clue in the treasure hunt is up at Here's the news article about it, go to the main page for the clue.

this will require travel.......there will be a prize waiting for the who's, who make it to the end. one of the prizes will be one of the original paintings from the catch without arms collection........the other prize will only reveal itself...... search and rewind.

In another competition, dredg are (according to this post) second in the Yahoo! Who's Next? poll, so do your best to tip the scales in dredg's favour. The aforementioned post contains some banners you could use to do so.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vote for dredg

As per the front page, go to Yahoo and vote for dredg! This isn't one of those polls that has no effect - if dredg win, they'll have a performance and interview recorded. It looks like a 'performance' means a single song, but if you want to spread the word and get some new live footage in the process, click away!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Swiss cake roll

"Looks like someone tried to cram-a-lam a Swiss Cake Roll into the disk drive"

The forum is down, and has been down for about 5 days after some MYSQL errors caused a little bit of havoc. I can't seem to get in contact with anyone, and the old EZBoard is still locked down, so I guess if you're utterly desperate for dredg talk there is the totally old school Kayasuma forum or #dredg on efnet for the IRC monkeys amongst you. For a brief tutorial in IRC, go here.
Update: It is being worked on and should be back again tonight.
Update update: It is back!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

07/07 show postponed

In case anyone was in any doubt, Mean Fiddler has confirmed that the show tonight has been postponed.

"Owing to the incidents unfolding across the capital this afternoon, tonight's show at the Garage has been postponed.

Please check the website for more information on rescheduling details and ticket information."

BBC News also shows that most gigs across London are cancelled - as of posting, a decision is yet to be made about the boy band 'Blue' at Wembley.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Extras for the Brave

According to a post on on top of the previously mentioned acoustic rendition of "Bug Eyes" available through iTunes, there will be acoustic versions of "Catch Without Arms" and "Sangreal" avaialable through Sony Connect, starting today. This is probably limited to US citizens.

Internet Explorer users can look at the dredg page for the Sony Connect store here. Users of other browsers are left out in the cold. Well, Firefox users could try this User Agent Switching extension. Mac users could also try to find a way to spoof their 'User-Agent' in Safari/Camino if they like, but as there isn't any Sony Connect software for OSX, it would be a little pointless.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Release by territory

Due to the appearance of two bonus tracks (Uplifting News and Bug Eyes (Hyde Street Acoustic)), I thought I'd check out what buyers in each country currently represented by iTunes can expect to get when they buy Catch without Arms. The (inconsistent) results are as follows:

  • Austria: Uplifting, Bug Eyes Acoustic

  • Belgium: Uplifting, Bug Eyes Acoustic

  • Canada: Standard track list

  • Germany: Uplifting, Bug Eyes Acoustic

  • Norway: Uplifting, Bug Eyes Acoustic

  • Switzerland: Uplifting, Bug Eyes Acoustic

  • US: Standard track list

  • Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK: Not yet released

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I have updated the Tour Archive for 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2005. Please keep sending the info in!!!!!

The new msg board is up, please, visit, register, post, reply.

New song artwork is now available in the album analysis for Catch Without Arms, in the Liner Notes section.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Site Updates and News

I have added the song artwork that is available thus far to the Catch Without Arms Notes section....check it out....

I have also updated the Other Songs section of the Album Analysis to reflect the most recent changes...

Finally...the import of Catch Without Arms has the bonus track, Uplifting News...visit the message board to read about it or for help locating it if you live within the USA and don't ever get cool bonus tracks on your albums...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dredg in Stealth Mode

The soundtrack to the movie Stealth has a tracklisting, and it includes dredg...
1. Make A Move - Incubus
2. Admiration - Incubus
3. Neither Of Us Can See - Incubus
4. (She Can) Do That - David Bowie and BT
5. Dance To The Music - Sly And The Family Stone with Will.I.Am.
6. Bullet-proof Skin - Institute
7. L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) - Kasabian
8. Bug Eyes - Dredg
9. Over My Head - The Fray
10. One Day - Trading Yesterday
11. Different - Acceptance
12. Nights In White Satin - Glenn Hughes with Chad Smith andJohn Frusciante
13. Aqueous Transmission - Incubus

You know it makes you feel good

It's that magical day of the year when the postman should drop your pre-order of "Catch Without Arms" through your door (unless you were lucky and got it early). If you haven't yet, you could head on over to iTunes (US), Amazon (US) or your favourite local music store. I, on the other hand, have to wait for my pre-order to cross the Atlantic
The reviews have started coming in and are all positive so far! Here's a non-exhaustive list of what the board members have found:

You can also see the e-card promoting the album here, and buy the Bug Eyes single on iTunes here. Hopefully the new official site will be unveiled today, allowing us to start on the aforementioned treasure hunt
Insert speech about this day being a turning point in dreg's career and how I already look forward to future endeavours and such, but I don't really feel qualified.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Treasure and Tourdates

Eight new US and Canadian tourdates have been added to the tour section of the official site, starting off on the 22nd of July in Vancouver. Check out the page for complete listings, and as ever, discuss the dates in the (relatively) new tour section on the boards!

Also posted on the front page is the following item:
a treasure hunt......."""""""
within the new artwork for the record "catch without arms", there will be clues.

This board thread contains as much as we know so far, which is "very little" - we should all know more in 3 days!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

News Updates

Well, thanks again to all those who have donated to the site....if anyone else is interested...go to and send it

Also, we have changed the news section around....we have a few contributors, and hopefully this will allow things to be updated more frequently! Thanks to all those who have taken on the challenge of helping...

Site Updates

The album analysis for Catch Without Arms...lyrics...concept...videos

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bug Eyes Video

The video for "Bug Eyes" has been posted online. For the technologically inclined, it is available here.