Thursday, January 12, 2006

When i grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar.

As posted on the front page of, there is a "2 day photo journal of dredg by hilary hulteen", here:

Messageboard thread about them here.

Drew has been answering questions in the Ask Drew forums, click through to read about how the SACD of El Cielo came about, and whether or not we'll hear Kayasuma live again.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Watch Waterborne

You can now watch the whole of Waterborne (AKA 'that film that dredg did the score for'), on Google Video by following this link. The film is scheduled for release on DVD in February, for some more details on that visit the official site.

The wee bit of news attached to it says:
Independent feature film that follows the aftermath of a fictional bio-terrorist attack on the water supply of Los Angeles. Starring Jon Gries ("Uncle Rico" of Napoleon Dynamite), Ajay Naidu ("Office Space"), Chris Masterson ("Malcolm in the Middle"), and international superstar and Indian Member of Parliament Shabana Azmi. Original score by DREDG, additional music by NAVDEEP.

I could lie and pretend I got the link from the film's myspace page, but the real sources are turnacar and kata rokkar on the boards. There's a thread about the release here.