Friday, November 18, 2005

Vote in the Cover Contest

Tool712 has Uploaded the songs and created the poll, so now it's your turn to listen to the songs and vote for your favourite. The following is a list of the entries, head over to the post to get the links.
  • It Is Not That Simple - OoGeOrGeoO
  • Giving All - Knifeboy
  • Orph - tool712
  • Movement I: @45ºN 180ºW. - WithoutMyJade
  • Sang Real - Volvox
  • Sanzen - skyswimmer
  • Scissor Lock - danceinstatic
  • The Canyon Behind Her - herCanyon
  • The Papal Insignia - One Second Clubber

Voting closes on December the 16th

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ask the Band

A new section has opened up on the boards, allowing you to ask dredg your questions, and more importantly, receive answers from the band. Here's a condensed version of RuleOfThree's description of the whole thing:

This is a good chance for us to basically eliminate the middle man and let you ask direct questions to the band, through Drew....

Drew's screename on here is "trog frog," as I'm sure many of you figured out through the treasure hunt. He (and only he) will be the representative for the band on here. Feel free to ask anything you want, but try and be appropriate..... Understand that the band tours basically constantly, and sometimes you won't get your question answered immediately (or at all, for that matter). Sometimes the answer to your question may be answered by another member if its something we already know....

This is all an attempt by us (the people that run the site) to bring the band closer to you and to basically enhance the experience of being a dredg fan. Let us know if you have any issues... otherwise, you can address all questions to Drew.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Get your 'Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre' Promotional DVDs


Stop by any of these stores and purchase the Dredg CD, Catch Without Arms, and you will receive a limited DREDG "Live from The Henry Fonda Theater" DVD!

Here is a list of stores participating in the promotion
, and some people seem to have been picking them up without the album at amazingly low prices in Best Buy. The contents, as posted by Gnomad:

- Interview Snippet
Ode to the Sun Live
- Interview Snippet
Catch Without Arms Live
- Interview Snippet
CatchWithout Arms Ad
- Interview Snippet
Sang Real Live
- Interview Snippet
The Tanbark is Hot Lava Live
- Interview Snippet
Catch Without Arms Ad
- Interview Snippet
Bug Eyes Live
- Interview Snippet
Bug Eyes Video
- Credits

This post is around half a month late, so cross your fingers about it being in stock - sorry.

There's a messageboard thread about it here